Mountain Biking

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Trail at Keystone State Park

Mountain Biking

Distance: 8 MilesDifficulty: From beginner level to expert

Ride Type: All singletrack, all new, in hilly terrain. Contour type trail in rocky area with several creek crossings. Expert loop has several good climbs ending in fast and flowing downhills.

When To Ride: Best time is Spring and Fall. Probably hot & humid in the Summer. Some poison ivy

12/21/19: Ride report with pics. 

Work on the Keystone trail system has recently been started and is making serious headway. All 3 loops are now open and the trail is starting to pack down real good. The parking lot is also being worked on, gravel is being brought in and packed down. The trail system is being developed and maintained by State Parks & Resorts representatives and mountain bikers from Tulsa and OKC. For details on upcoming workdays or general news check the Earthbike List for updates.

The trail system consists of 3 loops; they will all travel in the clockwise direction from the parking lot. The blue loop (beginner/easiest) and red loop (intermediate/more challenging) have been fully cut and the black loop (expert/advanced) has now also been finished. Several bench-cuts have recently been added. Trail signage still needs to be worked, just like the official trail head sign.

Since this trail is developed in a State Park all trail work is coordinated through the Keystone State Park manager. Illegal trail work could lead to closure of the trail system. Contact the Keystone State Park manager if you have questions.

Enjoy the trail! We’ll have a better description and a detailed map in the very near future.

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