Trapper Peak

At 10,157 feet, Trapper Peak is the highest of the Bitterroot Mountains, about 11.7 miles from Darby, Montana. Trapper Peak is the highest point on the huge ridge between Trapper Creek and Boulder Creek. Most people stop to enjoy the view at the point-of-interest sign a couple of miles south of Darby, but there is a better viewpoint farther south, closer to Connor.

Trapper Peak is one of the most-climbed of the Bitterroot Mountains, mostly because it is the highest and probably because it is not hard to climb. There are some boulders to be crossed where using hands becomes necessary, and there is talus close to the summit, but nothing serious. There are a number of trailheads leading to trails of different levels of difficulty and elevation gain, so you can choose which one to take.

One of the most challenging is the Trapper Creek Trailhead, which has additional elevation gain, very steep slopes, and an elusive trail. The area around the Trapper Peak summit is a Designated Wilderness.

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