The Big List Of Where To Hunt

Canada offers some incredible hunting opportunities that few other countries in the world can match.

I think we can all agree that Canada has exceptional hunting. After all, Canada is slightly larger than the United States, but it only has a population that is only 10 percent as large as ours. This translates into an absolutely massive amount of undeveloped land where many wildlife species, ranging from bigh sheep to polar bears thrive. After all, there is a reason why so many people around the world decide to hunt in Canada every year.

However, Canada is also extremely diverse and hunting opportunities vary widely in different parts of the country. This also means there's something for almost every hunter, whether you're interested in atreestand white-tailed deer hunting in Manitoba or a Dall sheep fly hunting adventure in the Yukon Territory.

In today's post, I'll break down where you need to hunt in Canada for the best opportunities to hunt some of the most popular species of small and large hunting.

Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan

The prairie provinces of Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan are extremely popular destinations for non-resident hunters in the United States. This is partly due to the fact that they are relatively easy to travel, but it is also because these provinces have a great hunt for so many popular species of big game.

Milo Hanson famously harvested the current Boone & Crock le recordett typical white-tailed deer in Saskatchewan 1993 and the three provinces are renowned for their exceptional white-tailed hunting deer. In fact, these provinces might be better known for white-tailed deer than for anything else. That said, while these provinces may offer great white-tailed opportunities, it is far from the only animal worth hunting in that part of the country.

Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan have good mule deer hunting, as well as some good opportunities for Western Canada elk. As it advances westward in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, there is a large hunt for Rocky Mountain Elk, big horn sheep from the Rocky Mountains and Shiras elk. The northern stretches of the provinces also have good hunting caribou and wolves there are opportunities to hunt mountain lions and in some areas as well.

The three provinces are very popular destinations for black bear hunting and produce some great bruins every year. All things considered, these provinces are great places to go on an affordable Hunt in Canada with the opportunity to pack a b & c black bear.

British Columbia

Speaking of black bears, British Columbia also has a fantastic hunt for black bears, particularly on Vancouver Island and along the Pacific coast of the continent. Those coastal black bears have a salmon-rich diet that helps them to be really, really big. Those coastal areas are also home to a lot of Roosevelt elk andBlack deer.

Further inland, British Columbia also has hunting for white-tailed deer, mule deer, mountain lion, Shiras elk, Rocky Mountain elk and big-horn sheep from the Rocky Mountains in the southern half of the province. British Columbia was also a popular grizzly bear hunting destination until the government closed the grizzly bear season in 2017.

The province also has some exceptional stone sheep and mountain goat hunting. In addition, the Cassiar mountains of northern British Columbia have some of the best caribou momountain and elk hunting in North America.

As a testament to how good hunting is in the province as a whole, the current World Records for Canada Moose, Rocky Mountain Goat,Roose Elkveltand Stone all came from British Columbia.

Yukon Territory

The Yukon is located just north of British Columbia. With a population of only 35,000, the territory contains a lot of Virgin desert that makes it another popular destination for those looking for a true hunting trip of a lifetime.

The Yukon has an incredible hunt for Dall sheep, stone sheep, mountain caribou, barren land caribou and Alaska-Yukon elk. However, there are also opportunities to hunt black bears, mountain goats, wood bison and brown bears there, too.

Northwest Territories and Nunavut

Continuing eastward from the Yukon are the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. It is possible to hunt black bears, brown bears, elk, mountain goats and sheep in this part of Canada. But barren land caribou, arctic island caribou, muskoxen, polar bears and walruses are the main attraction for nonresident hunters.

Although hunting is now closed for the famous George River caribou herd due to its rapid population decline in recent years, there is still excellent forest caribou hunting elsewhere in the province. In fact, Newfoundland and Labrador as a whole remains a top-tier destination for caribou hunting and is certainly well worth considering for a hunt in Canada. The province also offers very good black bear and elk hunting from eastern Canada.

New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

These small Canadian Maritime provinces do not have as many great hunting opportunities as other parts of Canada. As in the US State of Maine just to the South, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia have hunting seasons for eastern Canada elk, white-tailed deer and black bears. These regions also offer excellent hunting opportunities for game birds such as ruffed grouse, woodcock and waterfowl. The small province of Prince Edward Island has only small game hunting.

Ontario & Quebec

Last but not least are the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. These are the two provinces you should consider for a hunt in Canada if you want a great opportunity to catch a large Canadian moose or caribou forest. Like many other places in the country, these provinces also have good hunting for black bear and white-tailed deer, as well as fantastic fishing. Quebec's AnticostiIsland is particularly known for its exceptionally high deer densities and fantastic hunting.

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